Shelby 427 Cobra (1962 – 1966)

In 10th place in our ranking: this magnificent Shelby 427 Cobra!
Small convertible but with a big engine, this model has become mythical thanks to its very good results in car racing due to its lightness compared to the Chevrolet corvette. The chassis has been adapted to receive Ford’s super powerful V8 at the time which gives it very nice rounded curves. This vintage car is very rare, we count for this Cobra 427 model less than 360 vehicles produced between 1962 and 1966. However, it’s easy to find a replica version of this car, but you can still count more than $110,000 for an authentic model… yes, it’s a collector’s car!

Porsche 911 (1963 – 1973)

Everybody knows the Porsche 911, it is one of the most legendary vehicles ever, thanks to its unique rounded design. Several models have since seen the light of day but this car remains the most beautiful in our eyes and above all the most striking. Despite more than 89,000 units produced, this first Porsche 911 (Type 901) remains a highly sought-after collector’s car because it is considered to be the purest model in terms of style compared to its little sisters. We can also mention the Porsche 356, driven by Tom Cruise in Top Gun, which was a commercial success for its quality/price ratio.

Chevrolet Corvette C1 (1953 – 1962)

At the 4th place of this ranking we find the first-generation Chevrolet Corvette with the C1, a splendid convertible with however below-average performance and handling. This is what earned it a lot of criticism, even today for the driving experience it delivers. It’s fairly easy to find it between €50,000 and €100,000 depending on the model, which makes it a rather accessible collector’s car with a very successful design and curves. The famous Corvette C2 catches the eye with brio by offering a completely different level of performance and legendary aesthetics… but that doesn’t please everyone.

Mercedes SL 300 Gullwing (1954 – 1963)

Another collector’s car for the wealthy: The Mercedes 300SL Gullwing. What first distinguishes it from the others is its butterfly-opening doors. Even today when you look at this car, it doesn’t look that old and vintage to us! The reason? Unique design and curves, pure style and perfect lines?
His price? It can go very high, as it did in 2012 for one of the only aluminium models sold at $4.65 million… Yet there are just over a thousand of them! To talk only about its aesthetic qualities is to forget about its technical qualities, which were also present at the time: it’s the first petrol engine with direct injection and the driving and balance sensations are incredible, perhaps even today.

Lamborghini Miura (1966 – 1973)

In second place is the famous Lamborghini Miura. Between 1966 and 1973 the historic rival brand of Ferrari delivered one of the most beautiful sports cars of all time. The curves and lines seem to follow the shape of the car, and above all nothing seems to have aged, even today this Miura is of sensational beauty. Note that the engine is placed at the rear for one of the first times in history and delivers sensations and technical performance that was very important for the time with over 350 horsepower. This Lamborghini is often considered as the first Super-Car in history. More than 760 units were produced between 1966 and 1973, making this collector’s car one of the rarest as well. It takes more than 1 million € to acquire such a jewel.

Ferrari 250 GTO (1962 – 1964)

Finally, at the top of this Top 10 of the most beautiful classic cars: The Ferrari 250 GTO. Produced in only 36 examples between 1962 and 1964, this model met an incredible sporting success during these years thanks to its famous 3L V12 engine. On top of that, its aesthetics are simply magnificent with curves and a unique style evoking both power and finesse. Today, this Ferrari is considered to be the best ever produced by the firm. It represents the pinnacle of an era and is still as sexy as ever for a vintage car. Collectors will do anything to acquire it, even spend crazy amounts of money, the latest models have sold for more than $20 million!