Why we chose to build a Formula 1000 car

  1. Modern car concept with up-to-date regulations which gives freedom of design in mechanical and aerodynamic areas.
  2. An open chassis formula (ie. not a one-make formula) which creates competition and allows the car to be developed year-on-year.
  3. An open engine formula which again encourages competition between the engine builders.
  4. Excellent power-to-weight ratio, rated second only to Formula Atlantic in SCCA club racing.
  5. 6-speed sequential gearbox which compares with the higher formulae and is wanted by drivers.
  6. A sportscar derivative which gives a second marketplace, allows design costs to be amortised over more chassis and so contains the cost.
  7. Cost effective engine and gearbox units which are easily accessible to customers.
  8. The market demand for something new in an up and coming US formula.