Why we chose to build an F2000/FC car

  1. The market demand in the absence of a totally new and radical design in one of the largest classes in US SCCA club and Pro racing.
  2. Two existing Pro series (with a third one proposed for 2010), take in the US from the east to the west coasts, allowing racing on road courses, street circuits and ovals.
  3. An open engine and chassis formula which creates competition and allows the car to be developed year-on-year.
  4. Established by Ford in Europe in 1974, the class comes with a great pedigree, and is not limited to North America.
  5. Engine and gearbox units are familiar to teams and builders, with the usual problems associated with racing, long since addressed and solved.
  6. FF1600 and Sports 2000 derivatives give additional marketplaces and allow design costs to be amortised over more chassis, so containing end-customer costs.
  7. A traditional fore-and-aft rear engined race car which utilises a H-gate racing gearbox with interchangeable ratios for different circuits.
  8. Our design team expertise in this field, having been responsible for the 1998 F2000 design which is currently still the market leader in the class more than a decade later.